Uskoro odbrojavamo.......


.... do 29. Muzičkog biennala Zagreb!

Neke kompozicije već se pišu, suradnje se dogovaraju punom parom....Rezervirajte 8 dana za glazbeno-zvučne izazove, vidimo se i slušamo od 22. do 29. travnja 2017.!

Biennale remains open, you stay as well

Pascal Touzeau has been staying in Zagreb for several weeks now, preparing the performance of Kings of Gods, whose premiere by the Croatian National Theater Ballet will conclude the 28th MBZ.

Biennale adventures of Croatian musicians

The concert of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Johannes Kalitzke will certainly be remembered as one of the largest feats at the 28th MBZ. The orchestra performed a large and highly demanding score of each of these five composers.

Soap Opera to be repeated and continued

Last night at the &TD Theater there was literally no place for an extra chair, and after the first complete performance of all five episodes of the Soap Opera many were smiling broadly. When will the next performance be?