03 / 04
18 - 19.30 PM
KIC - Cultural Information Center / Kino
Free event


MBZ TALK: Environmental Sustainability in Culture

In the course of this discussion, we will address the issue of environmental sustainability in the field of culture, trying to examine this topic from different angles—from the creation and context of an artwork to the organizational principles of the presentation of cultural content to the audience.
Given that environmental sustainability cannot exist anywhere without appropriate working conditions and a fair distribution of resources, we will try to keep these topics as one of the areas of discussion, in order not to ignore the real conditions under which culture is developing in Croatia.
Audience participation in the discussion is preferable, and admission to the program is free of charge. 
participants: Manja Ristić, new-media artist and musician; Davor Mišković, culture worker at Drugo More; Dora Sivka, eco activist
moderator: Teuta Gatolin, new-media artist