22 / 04
7.30–9.30 PM
Croatian National Theater in Zagreb
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Ivo Josipović, LENNON: Like Swimming in the Air

The entry to the festival closing and the premiere of Lennon will only be granted through official invites. 
The ticketing link on this site refers to the tickets for the second performance on April 24th.

The closing ceremony of this edition of the MBZ, the opera Lennon, co-produced with the Croatian National Theater (MNK) in Zagreb, is full of many interesting features. Ivo Josipović, a prolific composer with a distinguished political and legal career, has decided to write an opera about the phenomenon of John Lennon, in spite of having to extensively look for a librettist who would undertake such a demanding task. The phenomenon, not the person, because Josipović’s main interest lies in the artistic and sociopolitical implications that the existence of such a planetary popular person such as John Lennon has. As much a sociological phenomenon as a music icon, Josipović puts him and those closest to him in a five-scene opera, with a large symphony orchestra and a choir. He chose opera precisely because he saw it as the most flexible way to express his vision, while his knowledge and experience as a professor of criminal law and his broader commitment to social issues helped him develop its concept. Marina Pejnović, who prepared Berislav Šipuš’s first opera for the previous edition of the MBZ, has taken the role of director. The choir and orchestra are to be led by the renowned composer and conductor Ivan Josip Skender, and the task of writing a libretto was tackled by a particular aficionado of the life and work of John Lennon, Professor Marina Biti from the University of Rijeka.


Ivo Josipović, LENNON: Like Swimming in the Air*, opera in five images

1. DOWN, BELOW, IS A WORLD OF LAKES                   
2. MY PRECIOUS LIST                                

Marina Pejnović, director
Marina Biti, libretto
Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin, costume design
Ivan Lušičić Liik, set design
Barbara Novković Novak, choreography and stage movement
Elvis Butković, lighting design
Luka Vukšić, choir leader
Vjekoslav Babić, assistant conductor
Patrik Sečen, assistant director

soloists, choir and the orchestra of the Opera and members of the Choir of the HNK Zagreb Ballet
Ivan Josip Skender, conductor

John Lennon                                 Domagoj Dorotić, tenor
Mark Chapman                             Ozren Bilušić, bass      
Yoko Ono Lennon                        Marija Kuhar Šoša, soprano
May Fung Yee Pang                     Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, mezzo soprano
Stu (Stuart Sutcliffe)                     Dario Ćurić, tenor
Mimi Smith                                    Kristina Đopar, soprano
Cynthia Lennon                            Helena Lucić Šego, alto
Julia Stanley Lennon                  Sofija Ameli Gojić, alto
Paul McCartney                            Siniša Galović, tenor
Julian Lennon                              Alen Ruško, baritone
Brian Epstein                               Siniša Štork, bass
George Harrison                         Siniša Hapač, baritone
Ringo Starr                                   Davor Radić, baritone
boy Lennon                                  Borko Bajutti, Noa Vlčev 

non-singing roles                       members of the Choir of the HNK Zagreb Ballet

co-produced with HNK Zagreb
* première – commissioned by the 32nd MBZ-HDS and HNK Zagreb

stage managers: Aleksandra Ćorluka, Zrinka Petrušanec
prompter: Marija Dražančić
concert masters: Mojca Ramušćak, Vlatka Peljhan
artistic director of the opera studio: Nina Cossetto
accompanists: Vjekoslav Babić, Helena Borović, Ante Sladoljev

Tickets for 22 April are no longer available, but you can buy tickets for the 24 April performance.