22 / 04
6 –7 PM
Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall / MUZA
Free event

MUZA - Koncertna dvorana Blagoje Bersa


Academy of Music - Student Ensemble for Contemporary Music

Trying to ensure that the imprint of the festival program lasts as long as possible after the festival itself ends and reaches as wide a community as possible, the MBZ has organized a day-long musical meetings with babies, elementary and high school children and students. It will start in the morning with the youngest, and by the afternoon will get to the student-instrumentalists and vocalists assembled in the ASMANGU, new music ensemble of the students of the Music Academy. Since the 2016/2017 academic year, this ensemble has become a place where students taking university courses have the opportunity to broaden their theoretical and music-history knowledge of new music by interpreting it themselves, but at the professional level. With the help of their mentor, tenured Professor Berislav Šipuš, the ensemble holds two concert programs at the Music Academy each academic year, but it also participates in various contemporary music events in Croatia and abroad. This time, the students will improve their knowledge in a workshop led by the MBZ’s resident ensemble, the Klangforum Wien, and will perform a newly composed piece by Sara Jakopović and a piece by a great composer Vinko Globokar.These two composers, inclined to creating musical collages, playing with improvisation and/or questioning ideas of (un)mimetic musical processes, will inadvertently put before the young interpreters the task of developing and through performance, creatively exploring various performance tehniques specific to New Music.

György Ligeti, Piano Etudes
Arc-en-ciel (1st book)
Marta Bešlić, piano, 2nd year of study 
En Suspens (2nd book) 
Julija Škreblin Milić, piano, 2nd year of study 
Canon (3rd book)
Maja Primorac, 2. godina
Sara Jakopović, Trippin' Triptych, for chamber orchestra and electronics*
ASMANGU, Academy of Music - Student Ensemble for Contemporary Music    
Matija Fortuna, conductor
György Ligeti: Musica Ricercata (selection)
I. Sostenuto – Misurato – Prestissimo 
II. Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale 
III. Allegro con spirit 
V. Rubato. Lamentoso 
X. Vivace. Capriccioso 
XI. (Omaggio a Girolamo Frescobaldi) Andante misurato e tranquillo
Sara Jurišić, poslijediplomski studij
Vinko Globokar, Kaleidoskop im Nebel, for chamber ensemble     
ASMANGU, Academy of Music - Student Ensemble for Contemporary Music    
Matija Fortuna, conductor
mentoring program of the MBZ 2023 workshop held by the resident ensemble Klangforum Wien
program collaboration with the Academy of Music
 piano program prepared as part of the elective course Contemporary Music for Piano / Katarina Krpan, prof. art.
*first performance


Julija Škreblin Milić, 2. godina