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MBZ X ZEZ: Katarina Gryvul, tonota

21.30 – 22.15h
MBZ TALK: Katarina Gryvul
participant: Katarina Gryvul, sound artist and composer
moderator: Dijana Grubor      
22.30 – 23:15
tonota (live)
23:30 - 00.30h 
Katarina Gryvul (live)
The 2023 MBZ, in partnership with the ZEZ – the Institute for Experimental Sound, will host two alternative sound artists and producers, Katarina Gryvul from Ukraine and Ivona Eterović (tonota) from Zagreb, at the KSET as the latter festival’s central venue. The ZEZ is known as the festival which promotes experimental music in all variations of the genre, from gentle electronics or solo acoustic performances, through noise, drones, metal and jazz to fragmented and smooth club beats or musical creations of the completely indeterminable genre. The ZEZ embodies the idea of change—the idea of sound that actively pervades reality or makes it unusual—and the MBZ complements it with its broad international reach and strong advocacy of social and environmental awareness and inclusion. So, both artists, as sound experimenters as well as socially committed individuals, fit perfectly within the thematic framework of these festivals.

Katarina Gryvul, as mentioned, is a sound artist and producer, but also a composer, violinist and music teacher. In her work, she explores timber and sound textures, and the fusion of organic, classical music with progressive forms of electronic music production. Gryvul received numerous awards, and has performed at major festivals such as the Musikprotokoll, Warsaw Autumn, Ars Electronica etc. On this occasion, she will also present, among other things, a new version of TYSHA (silence), which touches on ambivalent aspects of the title term, silence as isolation (specifically prompted by isolation during the pandemic) and the absence of sound or silence as an obvious threat, fear and anxiety. Moreover, Katarina also advocates committed art in the context of the war in her home country of Ukraine, in an attempt to raise awareness of its relevance to the rest of the world.

In addition to being a producer and composer, Ivona Eterović is also a psychologist who provides psychological support to those in need, and a member of the Operacija grad Board, a federation of associations of the independent cultural scene of the city of Zagreb. Under the stage name tonota, she works independently and in collaboration with various artists and creates, as she points out, a fresh sound with an introspective undertone and a multidimensional emotional charge. In her work, she strives to open up to different genres, including ambient and experimental club electronics, hip hop, pop, but also to writing for film and theater.

Before the first set, music critic Dijana Grubor will talk to Katarina Gryvul about her musical versatility and her social commitment.