18 / 04
10–11 PM
MSU - Museum of contemporary art / Gorgona Hall
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5 € | 37,67 kn
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Muzej suvremene umjetnosti

CRIO – The CRoatian Improvisers Orchestra

In my Next Life I Want to Be a Feedback, for 8 ex tempore composers and improvisers orchestra

*Tickets sales on the Entrio platform have now been closed. There are only 30 tickets left - you can still buy them by 7pm at the festival hub in KIC or from 9pm at the concert location, Museum of contemporary art. 

The CRI Orchestra or the CRoatian Improvisers Orchestra, is, as its name indicates, an improvisation orchestra comprised of some twenty Croatian musicians active in experimental and improvised music. Its founding was triggered by the performance of the STyrian Improvisers CRoatian Improvisers, STiCRi, an international improvisation orchestra consisting of Styrian and Croatian musicians, in Pula in 2014. The Audioart festival, Soundpainting platform Pula, Kulturban, Rondo Histriae associations and Rojca Federation of Associations jointly decided to have the ensemble based in Pula and where they perform one concert a year as part of the Audioart festival. In this way and also through collaborations with various artists from Pula and the rest of Croatia—professionals and amateurs, performing, intermedia and multidisciplinary artists and sound artists, composers, conductors, performers, actors, etc.—it is trying to decentralize the experimental art scene in Croatia, that is, to network different artists from all parts of Croatia. It is also a means of preparing for international collaboration, audience development and overcoming traditional obstacles between the academic and alternative, that is, professional and amateur artistic activities.

The core of the CRI Orchestra's work is an experimental, conceptual and gameplay composition based on authorial multidisciplinary practices in which the conductor/composer communicates with the ensemble of performers using gestures and signs: Conduction by Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris and Soundpainting by Walter Thompson. This sign language is for musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists, and is played out as real-time composing. Soundpainting explores the relationship between composition and improvisation with a performance similar to musical theatre, and at the 2023 MBZ this exploration will be led by no less than eight composers (soundpainters) using a vocabulary that is a little broader compared to the orchestra's previous performances.


Maja Rivić, voice
Tena Novak Vincek, violin
Grgur Savić, alto saxophone
Mak Murtić, tenor saxophone
Igor Pavlica, trumpet
Luka Žužić, trombone
Nika Bauman, flute
Dani Bošnjak, flute
Marko Grbac Knapić, electronics
Nenad Sinkauz, midi guitar, live electronics
Neven Radaković, fender rhodes
Leo Beslać, synthesizer
Luka Čapeta, magic box, electric guitar, effects
Josip Šustić, electric guitar
Pavle Jovanović, electric guitar, effects
Alen Sinkauz, electric bass guitar, electronics
Kaja Farszky, percussion
Nenad Kovačić, percussion
Marco Quarantotto, drums

Hrvoje Pelicarić, Mateo Patekar, sound engineers

The concert is realized in program collaboration with Alen Sinkauz, P137 artistic organization, Kulturban Association.