17 / 04
10–11 PM
Močvara Club
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5 € | 37,67 kn
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Klub Močvara

BZSS Impro-Jazz Quartet

The new set-up of four prominent Austrian jazz musicians—one of whom, Paul Skrepek, appears at this year’s MBZ with his project co-authored with Andreas Platzer, the installation Die Maschinen — will perform a very spontaneous and, by all accounts, eclectic set in the Močvara Club. This impro-jazz quartet, as its bassist says, finds its nucleus mainly somewhere between a free game and groove or, as its trumpeter later added, in a joint waltz by Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor, presented in a striking style of John Coltrane, Miles Davis and John Zorn. The sound play of the consonants additionally reveals an onomatopoeic background of the name BZSS, which evokes both the initials of the musicians’ last names as well as, for example, the sound of a beatbox, a bass drum with an open hi-hat on the second sixteenth note etc. All the above indicates that it is an ensemble that flirts with the jazz tradition, but in a broader conceptual rationale, and will thus enrich the informal impro-jazz portion of the festival program with glimpses of complementary events on the international stage.

Thomas Berghammer, trumpet
Martin Zrost, saxophone
Paul Skrepek, percussion
Oliver Steger, double bass