13 / 04
7.30–9 PM
Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall / Main Hall
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KD Vatroslav Lisinski


Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra

Opening of 32nd Music Biennale Zagreb will be marked by a concert of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra in the Main Hall of the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski with four prominent soloists, four recognized world composers and four compositions two of them commissions, i.e. premieres. The concert will also feature the composition L'oeil du cyclone by the world-renowned composer Tristan Murail, which will also be the first performance after this fantasy-impromptu for piano and orchestra "toured the world" in the parent halls and with the parent orchestas of those who commissioned it - Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Elbphilarmonie, BBC and Radio France. In Zagreb, as well as in Tokyo, Hamburg, London and Paris, french pianist François-Frédéric Guy will perform as a soloist, respected and recognized for his approach to contemporary music.

The concert, which will keep pace with the interests and goals of the new Biennale, crossing the boundaries of the music itself, performance and composing into the field of their philosophy and historical deconstruction, will be conducted by the chief conductor of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra Pascal Rophé. Rophé himself is a great connoisseur of the musical tradition, and even more so contemporary, especially the music of the 20th and 21st century, which he also actively promotes. Therefore, they will be able to offer an experienced response to a repertoire that flirts greatly with tradition, modernism and the avant-garde.

The opening concert speaks about the multilayered role of the composer and the process of composing, opening up to other forms of art, mostly painting, in the desire to realize the synesthesia of sensation with music and transcend the traditionally understood possibilities of music. Thus, the composer Tristan Murail, wondering how far music can go, pays more attention to the process than to its product, while for Clemens Gadenstätter, composing is an interaction of acoustic perception and all other senses and cognition in a process that he recognizes as necessarily culturally conditioned. His work was commissioned by MBZ in co-production with the Musikprotokoll festival, Graz. Davorin Kempf and Mirela Ivičević finally join the overflowof perspectives and synesthesia, the latter with the premiere of the works for trumpet, organ and light design, while Kempf is inspired by Piet Mondrian's painting style in Surfaces and Colors


Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra
Pascal Rophé
, conductor

Karl-Heinz Schütz, flute
Ursa Ljuban, organ
Ivan Đuzel, trumpet
François-Frédéric Guy, piano

Clemens Gadenstätter, making of – intimacy*, concerto for flute and orchestra
Mirela Ivičević, How to Fly I*, for trumpet, organ and light design
Davorin Kempf, Surfaces and Colors, for string orchestra
Mirela Ivičević, How to Fly II*, for trumpet, organ and light design
Tristan Murail, L'oeil du cyclone, fantasia-impromptu for piano and orchestra

program collaboration with Croatian Radiotelevision
*first performance – co-commissioned by the 32nd MBZ-HDS and the Musikprotokoll Festival Graz
**first performance – commissioned by the 32nd MBZ-HDS