Towards the 30th Music Biennale Zagreb: Children’s Programme

This year in April, Music Biennale Zagreb celebrates its 30th anniversary and, in anticipation of the upcoming Festival, a programme "for big little ones" is beginning soon. This children's programme begins on Monday February 4th, with approximately 15 workshops, various concerts and plays which will be taking place over the course of two months and include about 4 000 children from all over Zagreb. 

At the Culture and Information Centre Maksimir on Monday February 4th begins "Music in My Neighbourhood", a programme which includes moderated, interactive and entertaining concerts of contemporary music for big little ones, and which will be held in Zagreb, on four different locations over the course of a month. Performers Ana Batinica on flute and Aleksandar Jakopanec on viola and electric guitar will also perform at the Culture and Education Centre Susedgrad on February 18th, at Trešnjevka Cultural Centre on February 26th and at the Culture Centre KNAP on March 1st. All concerts begin at 1 PM.

"When we’re talking about music, it isn't that necessary to point out how much it influences us and how hard it would be to imagine life without it. Music developed from tradition, it is our inheritance and that is why musical education should be available to everyone. Contemporary music is a great way to enter the wonderful world of music because it quickly enables children to create, discover, listen and play music, even without an instrument, using their own body. Children are creative beings, and it is the adults’ mission to encourage that. That's why education is so important; it's important to give an opportunity. Music Biennale Zagreb offers precisely that – an opportunity for children to discover, to listen, to play and create, that is, as us musicians would say – to compose, because maybe these Music Biennale Zagreb concerts and workshops will be just the thing to intensify your child's interest in music, regardless of whether they decide to take a classical or a contemporary path", remarked Lucija Stanojević, a violinist and music educator.

Apart from the "Music in My Neighbourhood" programme, a series of interactive workshops titled "Music, Space, Me" will be held at Zagreb schools in February and March, led by Lucija Stanojević, while body percussion workshops for young percussionists will be held by Josip Konfic on April 5th and 7th at the Zagreb Puppet Theatre. A children's puppet show "Frog the Queen" composed by Sara Glojnarić and directed by Rene Medvešek will also be held on April 3rd, 5th and 7th, as well as on April 10th.