More information on the MBZ masterclass for composers

The 32nd edition of the Music Biennale Zagreb will be held in April 2023, along with the third edition of its masterclass for composers. The masterclass workshop will be held during the festival, from April 14-21, 2023 at the Zagreb Music Academy.

The MBZ has always endeavored to support and inspire young and upcoming music professionals, which was the reason it launched the masterclass for composers in 2019. Its purpose is to improve the participants’ creative understanding and to hone their composing skills through individual sessions with prominent composers and in open rehearsals with a resident ensemble. The mentors for the next edition are some of the world’s greatest and most original composers: Olga Neuwirth, Chaya Czernowin, Franck Bedrossian and Clemens Gadenstätter. The resident ensemble for the masterclass, and the festival, will be the acclaimed Klangforum Wien.

To date, over 30 composers from more than 15 countries have participated in the MBZ masterclass for composers under the supervision of internationally renowned mentors. In 2019, the composers-mentors were Nina Šenk (Slovenia), Achim Bornhoeft (Austria) and João Pedro de Oliveira (Brazil/Portugal), and the workshop’s resident ensemble was the Riot Ensemble (UK). In 2021, the workshop was held online by Alexander Schubert (Germany), Martin Matalone (Argentina/France), Sasha Blondeau (France) and Raphaël Cendo (France), and the open rehearsals with the resident ensemble, the Ensemble Quasars (Slovakia).

For more information on the next masterclass, visit  the MBZ website, and click here, to find out how to apply.