MBZ memories - just a year to the 60th festival anniversary

Dear friends of the Music Biennale Zagreb,
Esteemed colleagues,

Great challenge lies before us, a new and uncertain situation for all. Although we all wish that its end is already in sight, unfortunately we are only at the beginning of our joint efforts to create a better everyday life. At the moment, no one can say with any certainty just how much and to what extent has our world changed. Zagreb has suffered a terrible trauma and the material damages have impacted all segments of the private and public, as well as cultural life.
However, it is extremely important to remind ourselves that each and every one of us can and must contribute to creating positive views, new opportunities, better and high-quality relationships, as one thing is certain – every crisis has its end!

At this point, I would like to ask you for a constructive gesture. From your personal niche of quarantine and your own perspective, remember the good Biennale moments, encounters, unforgettable concerts and situations.

Share your memories with us or try to envision some latent festival future. Send us your comments, photos, memorabilia, make a short video or send your musical associations to our Festival that – we need not to remind you – will be celebrating its grand 60th anniversary next year.

Please send us your memories to the e-mail contact nina.calopek@hds.hr.

In that way, in this difficult situation, let us stimulate our minds so that it can create and leave positive traces and hope. Let us begin with the words, memories and ideas as that is the most important first step to becoming stronger in unity and to finding possibilities for building the destroyed structures that the future of us all depends on!

Margareta Ferek Petrić
artistic director of the 31st Music Biennale Zagreb