Croatian Music Institute – please donate!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zagreb was hit by a powerful earthquake that inevitably destroyed our capital’s center as well as numerous important cultural buildings. In addition to the actual buildings being inaccessible, cultural activities have been thwarted in their essential aspect – in performances, direct communication with the audience, in creating opportunities and meets.

Along with numerous damages to the buildings of the Croatian Composers’ Society and the Music Biennale Zagreb production offices, the Zagreb cultural community was most affected by the news of the damage to the recently renovated Croatian Music Institute. This cradle of the musical life of our city has also often been the home base to numerous musicians and composers as well as projects of the Music Biennale Zagreb.

Many musicians are reaching out to the public for assistance in the reconstruction of the Croatian Music Institute’s building. Pianist and composer Matej Meštrović has joined this cause with a composition dedicated to the devastated Croatian Music Institute. The Institute has also launched a campaign to raise funds necessary for its reconstruction. More information is available here.

Prior to the launch of the Music Biennale Zagreb in 1961, it was the Croatian Music Institute that was the representative of contemporary tendencies and the initiator of modernity. The Yugoslav Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) was founded in the Institute’s building, just three years after the founding of that Society (in 1922). Although the history of the MBZ and the Croatian Music Institute is long and their relations numerous, it is even more important that there are also many plans for future collaborations.

The Croatian Music Institute was to be the Festival’s main stage for its 60th anniversary, the living room of the Festival audience, its composers and performers, but also the headquarters of the production, the press and all festival guests.

We certainly hope that it will be so!