About Masterclass

As a festival of contemporary music and related art forms, the Music Biennale Zagreb generates new ideas, embraces risks and experiments and unravels new ways of presenting, as well as new communication channels with the participants of the festival – both artists and audiences. The MBZ Masterclass workshop for composers emerges from this context and its aim is to enable participants to improve their creative understanding and hone their composing skills in individual sessions with prominent composers and in open rehearsals with the ensemble. 

The new edition of the MBZ Masterclass workshop for composers will be held from April 14-21, 2023 at the Music Academy Zagreb. Current composers-mentors are among the most productive and original composers of the 21st century: Chaya Czernowin, Olga Neuwirth, Franck Bedrossian and Clemens Gadenstätter.


Resident ensemble

Klangforum Wien is an ensemble that is open-minded, virtuoso in performance and aurally perceptive; one of the most internationally recognized ensembles for contemporary music dedicated to artistic interpretation and the expansion of experiential space. A performance by the Klangforum Wien is an event in the truest sense of the word; it offers a sensual, immediate and unmissable experience; and the novelty in its music speaks, acts and seduces. Ever since it was founded by Beat Furrer in 1985, the ensemble – which has received great many awards and distinctions over the years – has made music history: it has presented around 600 world premières of works by composers from four continents; it boasts an extensive discography of more than 90 releases, appearances in major concert and opera venues, but also performances in the context of young, committed initiatives, and at the major music festivals in Europe, America and Asia. 



All composers are eligible to apply, regardless of their country of residence, experience or age.

While the individual choice of a mentor may be included in the application, the MBZ team reserves the right to assign participants to mentors.

The MBZ team will choose the participants based on the submitted applications.
Selected applicants will be announced by February 20, 2023. 

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