MBZ 29 | 7

17.00 Zagreb Puppet Theatre | Les Percussions de Strasbourg

Les Percussions de Strasbourg


Thierry de Mey: Silence Must be!

Nikolaus A. Huber: Clash Music

Steve Reich: Clapping Music

François Sarhan: Home Work Solo

Javier Alvarez: Temazcal

D. Agostini: Le train

Steve Reich: Marimba phase (pad phase)


Free admission

19.30 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall | Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Dian Tchobanov, conductor

Srebrenka Poljak, piano


Davorin KempfPlohe i boje for string orchestra - first performance, commissioned by the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Lina ToniaSquall, for piano and orchestra

Ivan Josip Skender: Phantasmagoria - first performance, commissioned by MBZ

Sanda Majurec: Springs, for orchestra - first performance, commissioned by MBZ

Steven Prengels: The World of Yesterday and Tomorrow - first performance, commissioned by MBZ

✺ In collaboration with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra


Free admission, a ticket must be picked-up at the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra ticket office at the Lisinski Hall.

22.00 &TD Theatre | Ictus Ensemble

Ictus Ensemble




Alvin Lucier: Music on a long thin wire, installation

James TenneyHaving Never Written a Note For Percussion, for amplified tam-tam

Alvin Lucier: Silver Street Car for the Orchestra, for amplified triangle

Juliana Hodkinson: Lightness, for three musicians amplified matches, sandpaper, sand and water

Ula Sickle & Yann Leguay: Light Solo 1, for dancer, light and live-sound

Salvatore Sciarrino: Due Notturne Brillante, for viola solo |

Peter Ablinger: Voices and Piano (excerpts) for piano and pre-recorded voice

Davor Branimir Vincze: Inflected Points, for six musicians and speaker - first performance, commissioned by MBZ

Alexander Schubert: Sensate Focus, for ensemble, light and live-electronics

Michael Schmid: Krachal, interactive installation with under-water microphones

Gordon Monahan: Speaker Swinging, for three speakers and three performers